A Demotivating Month

So, a while ago I said that I would be coming back to update my blog…

Turns out that was a lie. My bad, Prancers! It seems that January was too busy a month of starting school to get back into my blog. But I do promise starting in March you will see a whole lot more from me, friends. I’ve got some goodies waiting for me at my local library and cannot wait to get my hands on them for reviews. I am currently in the works of writing a review for the PS4 Japanese game Bloodborne which has taken over my console for the past two months. It will be an extremely detailed and fun review that I am sure you will all enjoy just as much as I enjoyed the game itself.

When I’m not doing on school, working on my graphic novel, or trying to work on reviews, I am searching for apps, books, music, and other new materials that I can use for discussions and ideas for my blog. I just really need to set aside the time to write my reviews and get them ready to present on here. Now that I am a bit more prepared for the coming months, I will try my hardest to keep up with this blog and continue with my writing and education.

Speaking of education, I just put in an application for a Library Assistant position out here! Wish me luck that I passed this test since the last one was for a more advanced position that I royally failed. It wasn’t really what I wanted to do anyway, so it’s no big deal. So now that that’s off my back, I- again- will get to work on my blog much more and I hope that some of you are still hanging in there with me. Until then, prance on!

A Determined Comeback


Good day to you all, my friends.

It has recently come to my attention that the world is becoming a very scary place and filled with more sadness, heartache, and hate by the day. I had the misfortune to come across a ‘poem’ on an art site that I am a part of called deviantART. The cruel and misguided person was using the subject of suicide as a vehicle to promote this horrible act upon readers. I will not go into too much detail because of the vulgar nature of his content but suffice to say that I was absolutely horrified to know that cruel and vicious people are still around, even on a website that promotes creativity and beauty like deviantART.

It wasn’t so much the content that made me disgusted but the person behind it. This young man has such hate in his heart that he shared a violent piece of work to encourage suicide to young people he thought were weak and that they should “put the barrel into [their] mouth” or “Hop in the tub and take a bath upstairs, surprise for ma and pa.” I will spare you from the rest of this horror since it makes me ill just thinking about it. He used far more obscene words that I will NOT be repeating for your sake. It still makes me furious to think about the filth he wrote. Nonetheless, I reported the deviation as a violation of the site’s Terms of Service and Etiquette Policy and hope that this monstrous person gets banned from the site for promoting hatred and even racism on his profile. In this day and age, we should not be subject to such malice and yet racism, violence, hate, and cruelty still abounds all over the world.

In other news, I learned about the loss of a great and talented man yesterday:

David Bowie.

I was heartbroken to learn about his passing and wish his family the best in their time of grieving. I still remember the very first song of his I heard that my dad shared with me: “Let’s Dance”. I had several of his albums and loved them all thoroughly. This will be a very dark day in music history. He was, indeed, his very own Space Oddity and he resides now among the stardust. He will be missed but his music will forever live on.

Alright, that’s enough being sad. I promise to get back to posting starting next week. I regret to inform you that I will no longer be posting my graphic novel and Me-Dia Mondays will simply be known as Media Mondays where I will share a new artist every week and maybe we can have an open discussion in the comments section about their work, why you like it, etc. Until then, this is Adina Shannon from The Prancing Poodle.


Coming back soon!

Hello, my fellow Prancers! I want to deeply apologize once again for being gone so long. I have been busy catching up with schoolwork and even so I still feel behind. So much has happened these few weeks that I found myself at a couple of crossroads. I recently celebrated my birthday and it was an absolutely wonderful celebration. Nothing is better than family, cake, and having a great day of fun! Unfortunately, I had the misfortune to come upon some things in regards to friends…

I feel that I have grown more and that means I may be moving on from some of my friends that I have known for a while now. It is unfortunate, but that is the way life is and the way of growing up. These things happen, Prancers, it’s sad that it happens, but perhaps it is for a good reason. It may mean better things in the future and new friendships to be made. As the saying goes, “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.” I still have treasured friendships with a few close friends but I do need to start letting go of others and moving on. I cannot let myself get dragged down in their drama when I have my own life to gain in the future years.

I am still gradually moving on towards my goal of becoming a librarian even if it means leaving behind people I once knew and gaining more knowledge in the process. I will be able to get through this knowing that I have so much more I desperately want to share with you all and to get all this schoolwork done so that I can get back into doing art once again for Me-Dia Mondays. I want to draw so badly but classes are holding me back so much! Ugh! I am very thankful, however, to be able to learn more about the library system but I cannot wait to attend online classes at San Jose State University and start taking more appropriate courses aimed towards my main goal: to be a Youth Services Librarian.

Please be patient with me, Prancers, as I continue on with my journey and try to compile more lists of fantastic items and things to share with you all. If any of you want to see me do a specific review, please don’t hesitate to throw something out there for me. Just be sure that it is somewhat kid-friendly. I know a few of my reviews haven’t exactly been aimed towards kids but the older community; again, that’s how life goes. I have to cater towards both the younger and older demographics equally.

I wish you all a wonderful week and I hope to get back into my writing starting next week. Until then, have a wonderful rest of the day and keep prancing on!

– Adina Shannon ❤

Down for a few weeks

I regret to inform you all that The Prancing Poodle will be down for several weeks due to family matters and intense school this semester. Hopefully I will be back with more posts once things have settled and I can get back into a regular routine. My Halloween reviews will be drastically diminished because of this and I want to deeply apologize to everyone.

Please be patient with me as I get my life in order while I wrap my mind around these sudden changes in life. Until then, my dear Prancers, prance on and wish me luck!

– Adina Shannon ❤

Review Days Tuesdays #12: A Slaughterhouse of Disappointment (8 Days of Halloween: Amnesia- A Machine for Pigs review)

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Writing Wednesdays #11: Most Inspirational Quotes About Animals

Our animal friends have such an abundance of joy and love to unconditionally give us that we must take good care of them. Any one who has taken in a pet knows the happiness they bring and-especially- express through their unbridled affections when we come home after a long day. Their barks, meows, and chirps of joy when they greet us is the greatest love anyone can possibly know. So, for today, I am bringing you some of the most heartwarming quotes about animals that will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

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Review Days Tuesdays #11: Creatures of the Night (8 Days of Halloween: Motionless In White review)

Motionless In White’s “Reincarnate” (CD, iTunes, Google, Amazon)

I regret to inform you all that I will be holding back iPoe Vol. 1 since I need to restore my purchase of it onto my iPad and go through it once more before I can do a proper review of it. So for now I will be doing a musical review for today’s Review Days Tuesdays.

Music is a very idiosyncratic (a fancy word for ‘subjective’) subject. Some people like country, others like Japanese style pop. There are some people who only like the classic artists like Bach and Vivaldi. For today’s review, I will be catering towards my fellow metalheads with a review of Motionless In White’s Reincarnate album. While the album itself is not exactly Halloween in style, the sound is spooky enough to be played in the background with the bass turned up to drown out the vocals. (WARNING: This album does contain explicit material, so be warned that this is for the Prancers who are 18 or older, sorry!) Thank-you for taking the time to read the warning and let’s continue… Continue reading

Freebie Fridays #10: Free Stock Images (100% free!)

One thing that bugs me is when I try to find some nice stock images to use for photo-manipulation art and all the good images are accessible through purchase only or a monthly fee. Boo! So I took it upon myself to go through and try to find some of the coolest stock images for YOU to enjoy!

New Old Stock New Old Stock has some very beautiful high resolution photographs of landscapes, buildings, pictographs, and so much more. You can browse through their images and always find something new and interesting to use for your designs. There’s even some amazing photographs of the earth from a space station! Absolutely breathtaking!

Travel Coffee Book– Travel Coffee Book features hi-res photographs of exotic places from all around the world. I was astonished at the quality of the photography and that they are free! Most of their photographs are of landscapes from all over. Heck, they’re just fun to look at!

GratisographyAll of Gratisography’s images are taken by Ryan, a very gracious man who gives them out for free and without ANY restrictions. Use them as you see fit and have at it! He has some really creative and fun images and some interesting landscapes, people, caricatures, and humorous photographs.

Fancy CraveFancy Crave has both individual images as well as packs of images for free and, again, without restrictions. Please take a look at these photographs! All of them are amazing and fantastic! They upload two new images a day so you always find something new every time you go there.

– Adina Shannon  ❤